Dryer Performance and Energy Savings

Why is my dryer losing efficiency?

Many people believe their clothes dryer is old and worn out; therefore, taking longer to dry each load of laundry.   They do not understand that dryer vent cleaning will resolve poor dryer performance issues and reduce energy waste.  A lot of appliance repair providers do not clean dryer vents because it can be messy and time consuming.  Dryer vent cleaning can also be a difficult task, especially in some newer homes, where the dryer is located in an upstairs hallway, in the center of the home, requiring a longer dryer duct.  Our dryer exhaust specialist will provide a thorough cleaning of any dryer vent, regardless of its design and no matter where it is located.  When the job is finished the contractor will provide the customer evidence that it was done correctly.

Signs Indicating the Need for Dryer Vent Cleaning

Homeowners or business owners who use clothes dryers should pay attention to the warning signs indicating the need for periodic dryer maintenance.  If any of these symptoms are present then professional dryer vent cleaning service should be scheduled right away:  
  • Increased drying time – laundry takes longer to dry
  • You notice lint clinging to clothing after a cycle
  • The laundry room hot and humid while the dryer is running
  • The outside of the clothes dryer becomes hot to touch while it is running
  • Dryer runs but fails to heat up
  • Excessive pile of lint behind the dryer and around the dryer duct
  • Finding less lint than usual in the lint screen
A poorly maintained clothes dryer will run longer and hotter than usual.  Lint accumulation in the dryer duct and inside the dryer cabinet will restrict airflow and result in damage to the motor, heating elements, sensors, switches and other vital parts.  

Restricted airflow makes the dryer labor harder to do its job.  This undue stress will shorten the life of your dryer and cause damage that might not be covered by the warranty if it is due to neglected maintenance.

Dryer lint is extremely flammable, so left unchecked, a poorly vented clothes dryer can cause a dryer fire.  

Prevent dryer fires, save energy, improve dryer performance, avoid unnecessary breakdown and increase the life of your clothes dryer, all with professional dryer vent cleaning service by the Portland Dryer Tech.

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