Dryer Vent Cleaning Portland

Dryer Tech vent cleaning service began when owner, Brian Dawson recognized a need for improvement in the dryer vent cleaning industry. With his appliance repair background he knew that dryer maintenance was vital to dryer fire prevention and energy savings so when his customers experienced dryer performance problems he would refer them to dryer vent cleaning companies.  After receiving negative reports from his valued customers about the service they received Dawson decided to become a certified dryer exhaust technician, buy the very best dryer vent cleaning tools on the market and open his own dryer vent cleaning company. 

Dryer Tech vent cleaning service stands out from other dryer vent cleaning companies because they are also appliance repair technicians and a member of the Chimney Sweep Guild.  In addition to professional dryer maintenance service their licensed dryer technicians can also design, install and retrofit existing dryer vent systems to maximize air flow for optimum dryer safety and efficient performance.

Besides preventing dryer fires and promoting energy savings, adequate air flow helps increase the life span of the clothes dryer and clothing.  When airflow is hindered the clothes dryer works longer and harder to do its job, uses more energy and the increased tumbling action adds to wear and tear on clothing.  Increased drying time is not a normal condition, even with older clothes dryers. It is typically a result of lint accumulation in the dryer vent system blocking airflow.  When left unchecked, the dryer will overheat and lead to a dryer fire.

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